Last known position:
Lomma, Sweden
N 55 °40,55
E 13 ° 03,40'


January 20th, 2006

Navigabamus (latin for "We sailed") might seem like an odd name for a journey that has hardly begun, a journey that will be our greatest so far in terms of risk, money spent and distance traveled on the surface of the earth. But time flies like the wind* and soon this journey will only exist as a memory in three brains and a hard drive full of photos. The plan is to return to Sweden sometime in June 2006, hopefully to a long and healthy life full of warm women, loving friends and families, and generous employers.

But if sailing has taught me one thing, it is that no matter how prepared you are and how detailed your plans are, things will not go accordingly. You are always in the hands of things you cannot control. Life is about grasping an opportunity as it passes, for it will never come again.

We don’t know what awaits us on the Atlantic ocean nor exactly what life will be like when we come home. But if our lives turn pale and grey and if we die poor, lonely and sick, or even if we take our very last breath in a life raft on the Atlantic ocean, we will at least be able to say:

“Navigabamus – we sailed!”

Dan Roupe, Jonas Skarstam and Fredrik Fyhr

* And fruit flies like bananas



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