Last known position:
Lomma, Sweden
N 55 °40,55
E 13 ° 03,40'

Here we will share all the experience we have gone through during our journey. (Date when posted)

2006-06-17 8:th letter
The Atlantic crossing

2006-05-07 7:th letter
Motor breakdown and spectacular dives

2006-04-25 6:th letter
Sick in the Bahamas

2006-03-30 5:th letter
Abaco to Nassau, and advice taking advice

2006-03-18 4:th letter
West Palm Beach to Bahamas

2006-02-21 3:rd letter
St Lucie channel to West Palm Beach

2006-02-12 2:nd letter
Overseas bank wire transfers and boat preparations

2006-01-28 1:st letter
The Arvid incident, buying a boat and Ready to go!

"God dam them thare should bee noe more Comittees nor Councell. Hee that had ye Longest sword should carray it. And his woard should be ye Law."
- Mutineers aboard the Marquess 1708